FOODSERVICE APME operates production and butchery divisions in 3 out of the 6 countries, specifically in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Our expertise includes all levels of meat and seafood preparation, from slicing, cutting and filleting to marinating, aging and special customization needs.


We provide butchery, customization of poultry, meat and seafood products. Butchery services include meat aging, portioning, marinating and customizing. Western and Asian meat cuts can be packed in all sizes to suit customer operations.


Ready-to-eat production line for deli and small goods, charcuterie and air-dried meats. Selected by our master butchers, our market-leading products are crafted the traditional way from the freshest quality ingredients.


Cheese cutting service, with many customized varieties, including shredded, cut pieces, cubes and slices. All cheeses are available in different packing formats to suit different customers.

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Research and Innovation

By understanding your business needs, FOODSERVICE APME brings you solutions. We've innovated Halal delicatessen products, sweet pastry shells, and new ranges of ready-to-serve food products in trending flavors.

We research and develop new products to enhance your menu and save you labor and costs. They are the very best value without compromising quality, to help you stay ahead of food trends and grow your business.

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Butchery is a specialized skill. Our well trained butchers have mastered the art of cutting meats, poultry and seafood to your exact specifications. You can conduct your core business with peace of mind, with no worries about how you will ensure consistency in your meat products.

Our expertise comes from decades of tradition. No shortcuts, just the fine art of preparing food in the right way. From meat aging and marination, to designing a customized cut, we are here for you.

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