Great Partnerships

Global Sourcing and Supply

Diversified sourcing reduces the risk of supply interruption to your business. Our decades of experience in regional and international sourcing and distribution plus our unrivaled logistics network gives you the flexibility to carry a diversified mix of local and international suppliers. Our scalable delivery network lets you flex up and down as needed to control costs, efficiently fulfill orders and grow your profits.

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To future proof your business, our SAP technology efficiently automates key steps in the supply chain, including packing your order into optimum sizes and using efficient delivery systems to reduce handling and potential damage. You also benefit from technology to assist with auto-replenishments and inventory control. Think of us as your flexible, remote-working team supported by tech and data, with the value-added services you need.

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Culinary Solutions

FOODSERVICE APME has a strong culinary background. Our production teams are helmed by experienced chefs and food professionals. Products can be delivered in custom cuts, in bulk or already packed in your own-label packaging. These culinary services give you cost-effective ways to expand your position in private labels and grow your profit margins with quality food products that are also value-for-money.

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