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FOODSERVICE APME carries over 100 brands, meeting the highest levels of international
food safety and excellence, so you can be assured of the best choice and quality.
Bakery & Pastry
We cover all bakery needs, and for all kinds of kitchens. We source quality raw ingredients and dry goods for bakers and pastry chefs, plus we can provide frozen dough products or fully baked, heat-and-serve bakery items for quick service eateries.
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Still or sparkling water from the most famous brands in the world, plus soft drinks, fine teas and coffees are all on offer, at a variety of price points and packaging sizes to suit your business.
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We’re proud to present Carne Meats, YumBites, and GourMeat, our house brands of charcuterie, crafted by our in-house butchers using the best-quality natural ingredients. Other charcuterie ranges include trusted, top-quality brands from Italy, Spain, USA and Australia.
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Whatever your business, we have the dairy products to suit, ranging from cheddar and mozzarella pizza cheese in economical high-volume packs, through to quaint and rare cheeses and butters sourced from artisanal producers.
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Fine Foods & Delicatessen
Gourmet fine foods and deli products are curated from all over the world by our culinary experts. We partner with the most famous gourmet producers to bring you seasonal delicacies such as caviar and truffle, specialty oils, and much more.
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Fruits & Vegetables
Whether you want fresh vegetables, specialized salad leaves, fresh exotic herbs, or ready-to-use and prepared frozen vegetables, we have the pick of the best produce for your menu.
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A great menu starts with a great foundation, and we have all the grocery items and staples your kitchen needs, sourced from international producers. From salt to stock, from dried fruit to flour, we are your one-stop-grocery-shop.
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Our extensive selection of quality meats and poultry makes us a one-stop-shop for customers. Our international offerings range from economical budget options to premium meat options from award-winning farms and boutique producers.
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We supply a wide range of disposable packaging and cutlery for your takeout business. Eco-friendly and biodegradable options are also available, to care for the environment.
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Our plant-based foods help your business easily cater to the growing trend of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets – these customers want to eat more plant-based foods instead of meat or dairy products. Plant-based food products can be supplied ready to heat-and-serve.
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Our sustainable and quality seafood is sourced from around the world. From seasonal live seafood delicacies to frozen seafood, we use the latest high technology preserving, packing and transport options to ensure consistently excellent seafood for our customers.
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Snacks & Finger Food
Suitable for coffee breaks, appetizers, snacks, side dishes, our international selection of hand-finished snacks and finger foods are supplied frozen, conveniently ready to heat-and-serve.
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