Supplier Diversity And Resources

Ethical and Sustainable

The FOODSERVICE APME value chain begins with raw materials and ingredients, selected from sources that meet quality standards. We work closely with our suppliers and producers to promote ethical farming and production methods that are also as environmentally-aware as possible. We take action on clean quality and safe food, with coverage throughout the supply chain to ensure traceability, providing consumers with comprehensive information on the product, source, and safety. Our packing and logistics technologies ensure customers buy safe and quality products at a fair price, enabling sustainable living for farmers and producers.

Strength in Diversity

Technology, creativity, innovation and diversity drive our business. For example, we are a multicultural company with staff from all over the world, plus we source products from diverse locations, to ensure quality and sustainability. We also use our international network and experience to support our suppliers. For example, we assist producers and suppliers in business goals such as gaining the international certifications needed to expand their trade opportunities. Our logistics technologies not only ensure customers can buy excellent produce, but they also enable sustainable living for our suppliers. Our Product Packing Centres pack products appropriately to prevent damage from delivery, and use post-harvest technologies to extend the shelf-life of agricultural products, providing safe and quality products at a fair price.

Product Packaging

We provide a variety of packing solutions to enhance your business success and optimize kitchen efficiency. Our many packing options are FDA certified and produced under global quality management standard ISO 22000. Packaging options include Shrink Packs, Vacuum Skin Packs, MAP, Top Seal and Bulk packing solutions. All options can be resized and customized to suit different customers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are the experts on our value chains. Preserving and developing them with responsible business strategies is a priority for us. From sourcing raw materials to goods and services, our high standards and strict procedures are aimed at achieving maximum benefits and quality by dealing in an equal, reasonable and transparent way. Our policies are based on fair and transparent trade practices. They are designed to promote fair competition and give unbiased and non-discriminatory opportunities to our business partners.

Privacy Policy